Auto Call Forwarding

During your account set up process you have the option to forward your phone lines manually or automatically. Auto Call Forwarding allows calls to roll over to our service after 4 rings. This allows you to focus on your job rather than putting the phones on and off service. If you choose this option Call Insights will contact your phone company and handle the set up for you.

Call Transfers

This feature is used in connection with Automation Connect services to allow calls to be transferred to specified numbers. Many customers use this feature for after hour sales calls and courtesy calls. There is no substitute for your own employees handling sales calls. Using Call Transfer reduces constant communication problems between outsourced sales and leasing companies and your managers.

Cascading Calling System

Ensures emergency maintenance calls don’t go unanswered. This system continues calling your list of contacts until the message has been delivered. If the primary person on-call does not answer the backup #1 is called. If they don’t answer, then backup #2 is called and this continues down your list of contacts. We can deliver messages to any device such as Mobile Phones, Pagers, Home/Office Phones via a Voice, Text, Email, or SMS.

Customized Greetings

Enhance your property image with personalized greetings recorded with a professional voice. Scripts are designed based on your property’s best features and selling points.

Customized Services

Call Insights can be used in combination with Tenant Tracker Resident Screening. This budget saving combination allows you to receive your customized Answering Service FREE each month if you spend $100.00 running Credit and Criminal Reports through the Tenant Tracker Resident Screening.

Fixed Pricing

At Call Insights both the Direct Answering Solutions and Direct Answering Plus have fixed monthly pricing. With these services there are no per call charges so each month your answering service budget remains the same.

Instant Callback

This benefit used with the Automation Connect service brings a new level of documentation to the answering service industry. With each maintenance emergency call your staff has the option to press “0” after receiving a maintenance emergency message. The original caller is called back and the conversation between your maintenance staff and your resident is recorded. This allows management to have first-hand knowledge of how each call was handled and to ensure procedures were followed.

Online Messages and Recordings

Each answering service option provides you with a personal account page on the internet where call recordings can be accessed. Calls are categorized by department and caller ID information is captured. Each call can be listened to with the click of your mouse. This feature eliminates the need for calls to be emailed and can be accessed 24/7. Faxes can be viewed online.

Online Scheduling

Through your personal account page rotating your on-call staff has never been easier. With the click of your mouse you have the ability to change on-call personnel and weekly and monthly rotations can be preset to eliminate constant changes and excessive communication. This feature saves time and can be accessed 24/7 to view or change your on-call personnel.

Online Payments

Monthly payments can be submitted online through credit card payments to eliminate check payment delays and service interruptions.

Online Accountability

Account status, monthly invoices, and balances can be accessed online to assist with bookkeeping. Recordings and callbacks can be accessed for each property at the home office or any other location via any device to ensure quality service is being delivered to your residents.

Internet based and Cloud Integrated

Each account is set up with online features including Messages, Call Recordings, Scheduling, Accounting, and Payments to add a new dimension to answering services. This provides unlimited access from any location 24/7.

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