Call Insights is designed to handle both low volume and high volume accounts. We have the capacity to process hundreds of phone calls at once. To give you a better sense of scale here are our relative matrices from last year.

Call Volume – We processed nearly 6,000,000 calls with 4,000,000 calls being answering service specific and associated emergency maintenance dispatch.

Proportion of Types of Calls – 97% Apartment related and 3% Medical & Non Apartment related. About 75% were standard office calls with 25% being after-hours maintenance and courtesy calls.

Hours of Coverage – 24/7

Average Call Duration – 53 Seconds

Average Wait Time - Less than 20 seconds

Automated Service – Less than 1% have any wait time

In-House IT Department

Technology is a large part of Call Insights and our IT professionals designed the system from the ground up. Many answering service companies outsource their IT needs to a 3rd party reducing the efficacy and the speed at which problems get solved and updates get installed. This is just another feature that demonstrates our commitment to you.


You don’t last over 20 years in this industry without being reliable. Call Insights takes great pride in our ability to succeed where other companies fail. Many problems beyond our control can interrupt our ability to help you. For instance, power outages and phone lines being cut. Having back-up systems in place is essential to continuing service during these times. We have multiple solutions.

  • • 24/7/365 On-call staff can handle any problems
  • • Back up generators to power the data center in the event of power outages
  • • 24/7/365 emergency hotline

Four Secrets About Answering Services


Most of the technology used in the telephone answering service industry is out-dated and woefully inadequate. Very little advancement has been made in off the shelf systems. Many services are running on decades-old technology.

Questions To Ask

“Tell me about the platform supporting the business.”

“What is your budget for IT?”

“When’s the last time you upgraded your system?”


Quality IT support is difficult to come by for answering service providers.

The best and brightest IT professionals are not interested in working on yesterday’s technology. The answering service market is too small to justify building the modern applications that attract top IT talent.

Questions To Ask

“Tell me about your tech support resources?”

“Is your tech support in-house or out-sourced?”

“What are the qualifications of the person(s) responsible for tech support?”


Many services are running dangerously close to the limitations of their systems. Once an automated service reaches 250 to 300 accounts in size, the probability is high that another 40 or 50 accounts will significantly diminish the system’s performance. There are no easy fixes. The next step up would require too much investment for most small companies.

Questions To Ask

“How many accounts do you currently service?”

“What are the specifications of your system?”

“How many accounts can your current system handle?”


The term “Customer Service Department” can be a euphemism for one person with a cell phone. There is a major barrier to entry that prevents most answering services from achieving the critical mass to support the necessary resources to get the job done right.

Questions To Ask

“What is the make up of your customer service departments?”

“Do you have 24/7 customer service?”

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